About Us

We Are A Group Of Professionals

Blue Seven Africa provides comprehensive services in structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation, plant maintenance, and new installation, the supply of skilled local and ex-pat labor as well as site support. We are also specialized in the electrowinning tank house and civil work. The company was established with the purpose of satisfying the needs of the mining, industrial market concentrating on on-site and off-site repairs.

our Mission

To establish a consolidated bi-directional relationship with technical alliances of high standards of quality, reliability, commercial and industrial sustainability, through the correct identification, evaluation, HSE, control of services and products according to the client’s requirements.

our vision

To be a leading, solid, reliable, and innovative company recognized within the mining and industrial sector. Delivering quality and comprehensive solutions to our clients while assuring a commitment to the environment.

Our Strategy

The general strategy of our company is the diversification strategy linked-complementary. Because of competition in the business market, Blue Seven Africa extends its activities towards services and supply chain.

Our Philosophy

To create a long-term relationship with our clients so that the delivery of our products and services become a seamless experience that encourage loyalty and satisfaction. We exist to attract and retrain clients. Our services and products will exceed the expectations of our clients.

why choose us


Blue Seven Africa has the responsibility of providing a high quality structure which meets clients costs and scheduling requirements. We believe that with sufficient resources both financial and human, we can manage the project with right number of qualified people, give proper attention to safety, meet agreed upon schedules, avoid delivery delays. Our financial stability speaks for itself and our experienced and qualified people.


All managers, team and office staff are well trained in their given positions. The extensive experience of our members in the mining industry has been fundamental in securing work from corporate companies. Blue Seven has the resources to make your project or operational management team feel confident in our ability to complete a project on time and on-budget.


We have reliable and convenient working methods. Our services are done according to plans and on schedule.


We pride ourselves in providing clients with excellent services and flexibility, always staying ahead of the curve.


We do a follow up to get a feedback on the performance of our products.

Meet Our Management Team

Our team is composed of experienced, motivated, and dedicated people who have many industry experiences. We’re incredibly proud of the people who make our company what it is.

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